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The SAGHS Alumnae Association is governed by its constitution and established bye-laws.  An Executive Committee, elected from the membership on a biennial basis, manages the affairs of the Alumnae.  The Committee comprises eight (8) elected officers, twelve (12) floor representatives and one (1) staff representative.    


Vision and Mission
The SAGHS Alumnae Association is dedicated to: 

  • Fostering a culture of diversity, positivity and pride amongst its members to continue our legacy of excellence and sisterhood

  • Supporting our Alma Mater in delivering excellence in education and all-round development to our future members

  • Fostering preservation and growth of our beloved Association

  • Being financially independent


Our actions are driven by our mission to: 

  • Encourage and preserve sisterhood by hosting diverse activities and providing opportunities for membership interaction

  • Champion our current and future members to develop personally and professionally through on- going mentorship and developmental activities

Visit the Alumnae Association Facebook page here

Visit the Alumnae Association website here 

Download a copy of the SAGHS Alumnae Constitution

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