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Foreign Languages Club


¡Bienvenido al club de idiomas extranjeros!
Bienvenue au club de langues étrangères! 
Welcome to the Foreign Languages Club! 

The Foreign Languages Club of St. Augustine Girls’ High School is a dynamic club that seeks to promote and foster the use and love of Spanish and French in everyday life. The club is run by the Form 4 year group with assistance from the Form 6 Spanish and French Students under the guidance of Ms. N. Katwaroo, Spanish and French Teacher at the above named institution. 

The club’s activities include organizing and hosting Inter-House, Inter-Form and Inter-Class competitions such as Foreign Languages Days, Treasure hunts and concerts in the first and third terms of the academic school year. The Foreign Languages Club is also responsible for hosting the annual Inter-House Parang Competition every year during the last week of the September to December term.  It is a vibrant club whose members are always eager to introduce new and innovative methods of learning and loving the academic and cultural aspects of the Foreign Languages to the student population via the numerous activities that take place. The Club is also responsible for representing the St. Augustine Girls’ High School at events organised by other institutions such as the Annual Spanish Day hosted by the Ministry of Education in collaboration with the Secretariat for the Implementation of Spanish in Trinidad and Tobago.  The Foreign Languages Club’s membership comprises students from all levels within the School and always promises an academic year of fun-filled and interesting activities that aid students in developing their skills in the Foreign Languages. 

Literary & Debating Society


The St. Augustine Girls’ High School Literary and Debating Society (SAGHS LDS) was formed with the purpose of developing our students’ public speaking abilities. We have debated contemporary topics within our own school by conducting open forums. In the spirit of kinship, we have also debated against the LDS of our brother school, Hillview College, either in our auditorium or theirs. We participate annually in Republic Bank's "Families In Action RightStart Teen Ultimate Debate", a competition involving many high schools across our nation.

Scrabble Club


The Scrabble Club is made up of students who love words and love a challenge. These Scrabble warriors have made a name for themselves at major national competitions. Apart from learning new words, this exposure has taught these students about fair play, team spirit and resilience. 

Peer Leaders


The SAGHS Peer Helpers is a vibrant club that has been in existence for over a decade. Peer Helping is an initiative of the NGO Families in Action. The group sends facilitators to schools throughout Trinidad and Tobago to prepare students to be Peer Helpers. The students’ mandate is to encourage positive and healthy lifestyles among the school body. The SAGHS Peer Helping Club has made its presence felt in the school community by hosting educational seminars, concerts and annual events such as forming human ribbons for breast cancer awareness. 

Hiking Club


SAGHS Hiking Club organizes guided hikes and walking trips in some of the most beautiful areas of Trinidad and Tobago. The hikes and trips allow students, parents and teachers to experience and enjoy the country’s natural wonders. Every year there are new and exciting adventures which give students the opportunity to bond, develop a greater appreciation for their environment and as a result, acquire many life skills.



ALTA Volunteers


This outreach programme is made possible by collaboration with the Adult Literacy Tutors’ Association. Following a short training period, form six students are assigned to various national libraries to assist ALTA officials with the tuition of primary school students. This has helped students to appreciate skills and experiences that are often taken for granted. Furthermore, this project aids in developing a sense of humanity that is a fundamental goal of education.


World Hijab Day 2017

Photos by Shereen Ali
Socks for Down Syndrome
Scotia 5K Walkathon
Presbyterian School Sports
Carnival - Traditional Mas
Socks for Down Syndrome
Scotia 5K Walkathon
Presbyterian School Sports
Carnival - Traditional Mas
Ribbon for Breast Cancer
Dragon Boat Racing
Hillview & SAGHS Team
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