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Originally produced by Renita Ramroop

On September 19, 1950 the school opened as the northern branch of Naparima Girls, at the Archibald Institute with 49 students, Ms Grace Beattie as Principal & Mrs. Undine Giuseppi first as Senior Mistress and later as Vice Principal. 


In 1951 it moved to Dr Forrester's house on Austin Street. On May 14, 1953 Lady Rance formally opened the new building on Evans Street, Curepe. When Miss Beattie left, Miss Constance Wagar was appointed acting Principal and later Miss Phoebe Lahouri in 1956.


In 1960 a new Auditorium was built and dedicated by Rev. C. Kitney. An organ was also bought for the school in honour of Marion Wagar, recently deceased sister of Dr. Wagar.

In 1961 Dr. Wagar bade farewell and Anna Mahase was appointed Acting Principal. She was inaugurated as Principal in 1962. In 1963 history was made when Prime Minister Dr. Eric Williams delivered the feature address at the graduation ceremony. Diana Giuseppi was valedictorian. Pearl Mohammed joined the staff.

Want learn more? View the photo and video slideshows at left & below.

Video slideshows of each era of SAGHS' history:

1950 to 1979      1980 to 1989       1990 to 1999     2000 to 2009     2010 to 2015   

Celebrating 150 Years of the Presbyterian Church in Trinidad & Tobago

Presby 150
Founding Mothers

Wagar, Beattie, Giuseppi, Lahouri and Mahase... Who are the women behind our house names?



School Hymn & Song
SAGHS School Hymn
SAGHS School Hymn


Staff Icons

Who was your favourite teacher? Just a few of the staff nearest and dearest to our hearts are listed here ....



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